Top 10 Things I Like About Being a Writer

  1. Short, stress-free, smog-free commute.
  2. No office politics. (I *am* the whole office!)
  3. No special tools required.
  4. I can have a gossipy lunch with my writer friends and call it networking.
  5. I can spend an hour staring out the window and call it the creative process.
  6. I can spend an afternoon surfing the Internet and call it research.
  7. I get paid to tell lies. (True, I don’t get paid OFTEN or even WELL, but still you see my point.)
  8. My characters can say all the nasty, cutting, funny things I don’t have the courage to say in real life.
  9. The feeling of utter power that comes from creating fictional worlds and controlling characters’ lives (until the characters take over, that is, and start doing whatever they want).
  10. No dress code.